Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hello all,
Just a reminder about the video tutorials I helped created this winter with Brother that have been posted on YouTube.  These are great videos to get you started with your software.  In writing the scripts for the videos, I used different subjects for the tutorials so they would be a bit different from the lessons you find in my workbooks.  Below are the direct links to the individual video tutorials.  I hope you find them helpful in learning your software program. 

Cynthia's Embroidery

Overview of the software

Working with a custom hoop

Programmable Stitch Creator

Design Database

Template function

Name Drop

Removing parts of a design - split stitch tool

Transforming Text

Photo Stitch

Create Floral Lines (The spiral feature)

Basic Text

Importing a Design and Adding Text


  1. Thanks so much for helping this old lady. For me time is valuable you see.

  2. How do you make fonts bolder. If you have a font that is skinny how would you make it bold? Hopefully that makes sense. :)

    1. did you get an answer to this question? If so I would like to hear how to do this.

    2. Add pull compensation to the lettering in the sewing attributes window.

  3. Thankyou for the videos, helps a lot. would you be doiong one for Font Creator I have trouble understanding this one.

  4. Hello, I cant seem to figure how to digitize some fonts right. Where do I go for help. I have a font and the box around the font is bigger so how do I get the box to fit right around the font besides making it an outlined object because once I do that I get the font right but my sating stitch isn't nice?

  5. I really happy to be visiting your blog. Thanks for the share....

  6. Hi Jenna,
    I am glad you found my blog and hope you find it helpful. I sent out a monthly newsletter from my website with tips. You might want to sign up for it.

  7. Can u explain how to do oulineing on letters. I keep trting bit not getting it

  8. I have posted that tonight. Sorry for the delay, I didn't get notification of the comment.

  9. Posted your instructions for outlining text where? I'm sorry. I'm having trouble locating it. Thanks.

  10. Hi Cindy, I have your book but I am not clear how to decrease stitch density. I am elderly and have a hard time understanding. Can you give me a short, 1, 2, 3, etc. way to decrease the density? I did hold down the CTRL key when I used the handles to decrease the size of the image. Thanks.

  11. Bonnie,

    Do you want to change the Density on a design you have purchased? Or are you creating it yourself.
    To adjust the Density of a purchased design.....
    1. Click on the Design.
    2. Click on the Stitches Attributes Tab at the top of the Window.
    3. Click on Convert To Blocks
    4. In the Sewing Order window, select the part you want to change the density by left mouse clicking on it.
    5. In the Integrated Sewing Attributes Window, click on the Sewing Attributes Tab.
    6. On the Sewing Attributes, you should see Density.
    7. Reduce the number to decrease the Density, Increase the number to Increase the density.

    If it is a design you have created in Layout and Editing,
    1. Click on the Segment and then click on the Sewing Attributes Tab in the Integrated Sewing Attributes Window.
    2. On the Sewing Attributes, you should see Density.
    3. Reduce the number to decrease the Density, Increase the number to Increase the density.

    If you are creating in Design Center,
    1. Right mouse click on the segment.
    2. In the Integrated Sewing Attributes Window, click on the Sewing Attributes Tab..
    3. Change the Density (increase the number to increase density, decrease the number to decrease the density.)
    4. Click on the area to apply the change.

    The control key is used for resizing with stitch recalculation. It is does not let you set a specific density. If you want, you can spread the stitches over a larger area by resizing without holding down any keys. This will use the same number of stitches as it doesn't recalculate.

    Hopefully, I have answered your question for whichever scenario you have.
    Cindy Hogan

    1. how do you determine what is a good density for a design,and how to use the satin stitch?

    2. You really have to do a test stitch to determine whether you like the look or not. It is a balance between coverage and puckering. Often it is better to increase the density of the under sewing instead of the covering stitch. This helps with coverage without causing the fabric to pucker/buckle. The satin is a stitch that may be used in areas that have a size of 10 mm or less (distance from one side of the stitch to the other.) I personally do not use it if the area is going to be larger than 7mm as stitches tend to pull out and pick over the length of 7mm.


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