Monday, October 3, 2011

Bag is finally finished

I started working on this project over a month ago.  It was just one I wanted to do for myself as a kind of creativity kick start.  I don't know about you, but for me, always creating for a specific purpose can suck the fun out of embroidery and every now and then I have to do something just because.  When I started this, I had no idea of where I would end up.  I just new I wanted to create some fabric with a new technique and different threads.

So the first thing I did was create the fabric.  I sewed together 2 different colors of fabric in 6 1/2 inch blocks.  I made 2 layers that alternated.
Next I created the spiral embroidery in the PE-DESIGN Next software.  Beneath the embroidery, I ran a running stitch so that I could cut away the centers of the circles and squares.  Now I was off to the embroidery machine.  To stitch the circle and square spirals.  I decided to use some new thread that my local dealer (MidSouth Sewing) had, Wonderfil Spaghetti (12 wt Egyptian Cotton) thread in the color of the square that would peek through.  To the right is a picture of the fabric that was created.
Now I had to decide what to do with the fabric.  That took a while.  I never like to rush when I am creating, I just kind of let it flow, therefore, the fabric hung on my shelf while I mulled it over for a couple of weeks.  It had started out as a tote bag, but it really was going to be one whopper of a tote bag and I really didn't think I would carry something so large.
So I waited a while longer.  I finally decided it would be something of a messenger bag.  Oh no, that meant I had to do some deconstruction and some more embroidery.
So I started on the side embroidery.  I was afraid if I did the 2 layer fabric on the sides it would be too busy, so I went with black fabric with the blue thread.  I still used cotton thread, but I went with the lighter weight Konfetti thread in blue.

Now time to construct. I finally had the idea down, now I had to execute it, without a pattern.  Below is the finished result.  I am glad I took the time to nourish my soul with a fun project just for me.  I finished it this morning and put all the snaps in place.  It is now ready for me to take on my travels.  I will say, no one will ever guess how much time it took to create such a simple looking project.

Have fun creating this week.....Do something to feed your creative spirit!

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  1. Beautiful design...hard to tell the size but I love it. What are u using to support the bottom to prevent sagging. Ley me know.


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