Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Knowing in Sewing September 2012

Hello all,
The Knowing in Sewing for September went out this afternoon.  I hope it was worth the wait.  If there are tips you would like help with, submit them to me and I 'll see if they can be added to a later newsletter or on a blog post.  Coming up with the tips that are useful are half the battle of writing a newsletter.
I do think you will like the September tips.  Especially those PE-DESIGN NEXT users who can't keep their Attribute Windows docked.

I had the pleasure in September of teaching a group of Kentucky teachers.  They have a very unusual program where they are teaching embroidery and software to their students as a part of their curriculum.     I really loved the concept and applaud the school system and their teacher for providing the classes to their student.  A portion of the curriculum focused on fashion and design as well.  

I am really looking forward to starting the fall travel season.  I hope to see you soon!
Create something fun today!

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