Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello Memphis!
I really enjoyed my time with you this weekend.  Both of the groups were great to work with!  I hope you enjoyed your time and felt you learned more about your software.

This afternoon one of you purchased the silhouette and wanted all the accesories with it (I believe it was Jennifer).  I forgot to get the Rhinestone kit out for you.  If you still want it, please email me ASAP.  I will try to meet up with you in the morning before I leave town.  I apologize for the oversight.  If we don't get together tomorrow, contact me by email and we'll work it out.  Not sure if it was on your receipt or not as I can't get hold of John at this hour.  I'll touch base with him Monday when the store is open.

I'll post pictures Monday!
Have a great rest of the weekend,

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