Friday, January 11, 2013

What have you done recently

I get a lot of questions about when I fit things into my schedule.  I must admit, I am not the best planner and Christmas time hits me faster each year.  I am usually working on things the last minute.  I have been know to stay up all night the night before Christmas finishing presents.  Just ask my Aunt Pat.  She has been known to be my Co-conspirator in the adventures.  However, this years travel schedule and my father's surgery required a bit more advance work (not that advanced though).  Between the Brother education meeting and my last event, I knew I had to make some aprons for my nieces.  They rarely ask for anything, so when they do, I try to comply.  The request was for aprons.  They just love to bake. 

I had no pattern, but they loved their reversible embroidered aprons.  I loved my ruffler foot!  It made the job Sew much easier and quicker.

I hope they don't mind me posting the aprons......

Happy New Year!

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