Wednesday, February 20, 2013

San Antonio, Buffalo and Software update

Hello all,

Candy in San Antonio, thank you for posting.  I know others who are thinking about coming to a seminar appreciate hearing from those who have attended a one and share their experience.  I am extremely please to hear you enjoyed the San Antonio seminar and that you have been able to put some of the information to use already!  I love to be kept informed of your successful projects.  Do you have a picture to share?

Anonymous in Buffalo, I appreciate your comments as well.  You could have held off on the SNOW though.  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting and sharing my knowledge with you.  I hope to be able to return in the near future.  Karen and I are talking about a June date for possible project based seminar.  Looks like June 21st & 22nd.

Many of you know my father underwent surgery last week.  I am happy to report he is doing well and anticipating his last surgery next month.  I appreciate you keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

For those of you with PE-DESIGN NEXT,  there is a new update to the software available.  Open Layout and Editing.  Go to the help pull down menu and then choose Check for updates.  It will download and install the update for you.  Close the software and reopen it to run the most current version.

For illustrated instructions, go to the first lesson in the Digitizing's Sew Easy NEXT workbook.

Happy stitching,


  1. Cindy, I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed the PE Design seminar in San Antonio. I was afraid I would be lost the whole time, but it turns out I worried for nothing.

    I love how you did not make any of us feel uncomfortable when asking a question and made sure that we all understood the answers. You obviously know PE Design backward & forward & that combined with your patience & great personality make you a gem of a teacher.

    Thank you for making me excited about using PE Design instead of being afraid of it!
    Janice Richer

  2. Hi Cindy, I sent you a picture of the patch I digitized after attending your class in San Antonio. So glad to hear your dad is doing better. CandyR


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