Monday, April 8, 2013

The Knowing in Sewing March 2013

The Knowing in Sewing has been emailed.  If you did not receive it, send me an email:

Another one will go out later this month :)



  1. i was googling, trying to find help on navigating pe design next. I just retired and am trying to turn my hobby into a business to help make ends meet, my husband got me the pe design next for Christmas, I printed the entire dvd set to I could have something to refer to, but i am more of a hands on learner(technology challenged) searching for people in my area that would like to learn together...any ideas? I am in the Dallas/Ft Worth area

    1. In the Dallas/Forth Worth area, there are a couple of Dealers that might be able to assist you. Sewing World of Grapevine and Arlington Sewing Machines. I know that both locations have someone who is somewhat familiar with the software program and may be able to get you started on your way. If that doesn't work for you, I do have a step by step workbook that will guide you through each part of the program with a screen shot for almost every step. Most of the lessons take about 20 minutes to complete. To view samples of the lessons, click on the sample lessons link on my webpage (


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