Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wow, March has really snuck up on me.  With the move, trying to get our old home ready to sell and trying to get my studio set up, February really flew by!
My Niece came to visit this weekend.  At Christmas time, I gave her a ULT to use for her mixed media projects, thinking she would enjoy having more stitches on her machine.  I really didn't want to push the embroidery on her as that is my thing and I didn't want her to think that was the only reason I was giving it to her.  I thought the technology in the machine would help her in her art studio.  Much to my surprise, she is embracing the embroidery side of the machine. 
She is so excited, her grant for PE-DESIGN NEXT was approved.  So she came to learn more about the software and learn how to digitize a bit.  Since her degree she is pursuing is in Fine Arts, she is going to catch on to the software pretty quickly (I feel sure).  This weekend, she created her logo and learned how to manipulate text.  It is fun to watch her get excited.  We also played with the Scan N Cut and cut out vinyl stickers of her logo.  She has one pasted proudly on her Iphone.  Guess what her next purchase will be.  She used my Quattro as the ULT  went on the blink and is in the repair shop right now.  I think it really spoiled her.

She is getting ready for a large craft show in her area and it is fun to see what her generation is into as far as embroidery is concerned.  She is creating note pads that she has embroidered and then stitched together.  She is really enjoying mixing media in her projects.   If you are in the Starkville, MS area, look for her at the Craft show in April.  She has named her company Gold Sheep Goods.  If you are one of her first customers, I think she will have a special bag for your purchases (that is her plan).

I can't wait to see where her journey takes her!

Right now I am preparing for a Craftsy class and have some deadlines I have to meet.  It may be a bit before this months newsletter goes out to you.  I will try to do it when I hit the road.  Next week is the start of a marathon of travel.


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