Friday, April 11, 2014

Printing Applique Outline for Scan N Cut

Hi Cathy,
You can print the outline for an applique from PE-DESIGN NEXT and some of the lower versions.  Follow the steps below.

  1. IMPORT the design into Layout and Editing.
  2. Click on the Stitches Attributes tab at the top of the window.
  3. Choose Divide by Color.
  4. In the Sewing Order window, determine which segments are the cut lines for the appliqué. 
  5. Click on the cut lines for the Applique in the Sewing order window and then Click on the Select Patterns icon .
  6. Click on the Home tab.
  7. Click on the Copy icon.
  8. From the Start button of the computer, open a new session of Layout and Editing.  Do not close the current session.  You will open a new window.
  9. Click Paste to paste the cut lines into the new window.
  10. In the Integrated Sewing Attributes window, click on the Color Tab.  Change the color of all the pieces to black.  This will print better for the Scan N Cut.
  11. Left mouse click on a piece and move it around on the design page to separate the parts.  Continue until all appliqué parts are separated.
  12. From the File pull down menu, choose Print and then Print Setup.
  13. In the Embroidery Print Mode area, choose Actual Size and Realistic Stitch Image.
  14. Remove the checkmark if there is one in front of Print sewing area box and center axes and Print template grid.  These items will interfere with the cut process on the Scan N Cut.
  15. In the Stitch image area, click on the Attributes button.
  16. Change the Thread Width to Thick, the Brightness to Dark and then click OK.
  17. Click Print.
  18. Choose Page 1 to 1.  Page 2 is the design information.
  19. The design will print.  Use the print to scan into the Scan N Cut to cut the appliqué pieces.



  1. I'm still saving for a scan n cut. It is so nice to have someone "train/show" you how it works and explains it so everyone can understand. Thank you for being that someone!!!


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