Sunday, June 7, 2015

Last Day of Craftsy's Make Magic Sale

I remember when I started embroidering....what challenges there were. We didn't have the internet to learn from, no YouTube videos or anything. The only stabilizer and thread that we could get for the Home market was Sulky thread and at $4 a spool (and a small spool at that) we would use every last morsel of the thread It was totally overwhelming. My how things have changed....We now have stabilizers and embroidery needles for almost every fabric and yes they do make a difference. A variety of thread with more than 300M on them and a world of knowledge at our fingertips on the computer.
I was browsing Craftsy today to see what classes I would want to take if i were new to embroidery. I came across one that I think would be perfect for everyone because it is so crucial for getting good results.
I really think this is a must for an embroiderer. It is amazing how much of a difference the appropriate stabilizer and thread combinations in your embroidery make in your finished projects.
With Craftsy's Make Magic Sale, Start something your loved ones will remember forever. It's easier than you think to get the results you deserve. Give it a try and help to support our crafting habit:Craftsy's Make Magic Sale

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