Saturday, November 19, 2011

Color matching

I was doing a Photo Stitch and software presentation today and Daniel asked about how to convert a pattern to his color palette of Madeira thread.  I immediately thought of the different thread conversion programs.  However, when I returned to my hotel, I realized that those of us with BES Lettering or BES Lettering 2 already had a built in thread conversion program.  June Mellinger and I were just discussing color matching last week in Memphis and it slipped my mind this afternoon.  If you were in class today, the fish finally returned to the front of the tank.  (By the way it was the Cumberland River.)

This may be the tip of the Month for November, but just consider this a your sneak peak.... 

How to set up color matching for your threads (Brother, Floriani, Madeira, etc.).... from the Thread pull down menu, choose your thread chart this looks like a little tick tack toe board.  Go to the View Tab.  Click on the Preference icon.  Place a checkmark in front of Color Match on loading.  When you OPEN a design (Not MERGE), the design will open with the colors from your thread chart instead of the colors the design was digitized with.  You can then print out the color pages.  You do not have to add lettering unless you desire. 

Thread Chart pulldown
Thread Palette Selection
Preferences Window

Design Open and Colors Matched


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