Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and The Knowing in Sewing November 2011

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  I have to admit, I totally checked out of my business for the past week.  I spent the week enjoying my family after arriving home from Woodbridge, VA.  My Dad came up from Florida, my oldest Tennessee niece was in from College and my Aunt from Baton Rouge.  Therefore, we just did the family thing!  We had great fun making pies, stuffing, and as my nieces say Cranberry crap (cranberry relish).  It is actually my mother in laws recipe that the girls just love.  They have been making it with me at Thanksgiving and Christmas since we moved back to TN.  I remember when we first moved here it was a bit challenging to cook with the girls (they needed a lot of help).  Now we kind of just let them have the use of the kitchen tools and they pretty much do it all.  This year, we did teach how to make a pie crust and roll it out.

The girls also talked me into the dreaded Black Friday shopping.  I can't believe I stood out in the cold to get into Target.  The time did fly as Molly and I waited.  However, it was lots of fun watching them shop and find those bargains.  They had the attack plan worked out from looking at the adds.  Thank goodness the shopping started at 10pm instead of 4 am.

I bought an Aero bed for visitors since the bed I had my dad sleeping on collapsed on him the night before (I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall while that happened) and he was having to use the couch.   However, after getting home and examining the box it is probably going back as it is looks like it will be too low to the ground.  Turns out it wasn't as good of a deal as it looked at 1 in the morning :).

Meanwhile, I have been working on the newsletter and it should be going out in the next hour or so.

Enjoy and Create something just for fun this week!

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