Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Knowing in Sewing

The Knowing in Sewing November 2011 has been emailed.  If you did not receive your copy, you need to check the email address that you signed up with and check to see if it is in your junk mail folder.  I had several emails bounce back to me tonight.
If you didn't receive it and would like me to forward it to you, I will be happy to do so.  Send me an email to requesting the November newsletter.

Thank you,
Cindy Hogan

Thanksgiving and The Knowing in Sewing November 2011

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  I have to admit, I totally checked out of my business for the past week.  I spent the week enjoying my family after arriving home from Woodbridge, VA.  My Dad came up from Florida, my oldest Tennessee niece was in from College and my Aunt from Baton Rouge.  Therefore, we just did the family thing!  We had great fun making pies, stuffing, and as my nieces say Cranberry crap (cranberry relish).  It is actually my mother in laws recipe that the girls just love.  They have been making it with me at Thanksgiving and Christmas since we moved back to TN.  I remember when we first moved here it was a bit challenging to cook with the girls (they needed a lot of help).  Now we kind of just let them have the use of the kitchen tools and they pretty much do it all.  This year, we did teach how to make a pie crust and roll it out.

The girls also talked me into the dreaded Black Friday shopping.  I can't believe I stood out in the cold to get into Target.  The time did fly as Molly and I waited.  However, it was lots of fun watching them shop and find those bargains.  They had the attack plan worked out from looking at the adds.  Thank goodness the shopping started at 10pm instead of 4 am.

I bought an Aero bed for visitors since the bed I had my dad sleeping on collapsed on him the night before (I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall while that happened) and he was having to use the couch.   However, after getting home and examining the box it is probably going back as it is looks like it will be too low to the ground.  Turns out it wasn't as good of a deal as it looked at 1 in the morning :).

Meanwhile, I have been working on the newsletter and it should be going out in the next hour or so.

Enjoy and Create something just for fun this week!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Color matching

I was doing a Photo Stitch and software presentation today and Daniel asked about how to convert a pattern to his color palette of Madeira thread.  I immediately thought of the different thread conversion programs.  However, when I returned to my hotel, I realized that those of us with BES Lettering or BES Lettering 2 already had a built in thread conversion program.  June Mellinger and I were just discussing color matching last week in Memphis and it slipped my mind this afternoon.  If you were in class today, the fish finally returned to the front of the tank.  (By the way it was the Cumberland River.)

This may be the tip of the Month for November, but just consider this a your sneak peak.... 

How to set up color matching for your threads (Brother, Floriani, Madeira, etc.).... from the Thread pull down menu, choose your thread chart this looks like a little tick tack toe board.  Go to the View Tab.  Click on the Preference icon.  Place a checkmark in front of Color Match on loading.  When you OPEN a design (Not MERGE), the design will open with the colors from your thread chart instead of the colors the design was digitized with.  You can then print out the color pages.  You do not have to add lettering unless you desire. 

Thread Chart pulldown
Thread Palette Selection
Preferences Window

Design Open and Colors Matched


Saturday, November 12, 2011 Event

I have had the pleasure of visiting and teaching a wonderful group of people in West Point, GA at for the past 2 days.  You all were a wonderful group to spend time with.  I hope you left the event feeling it was worth your time.  I know it was an intense 2 days for all of you.  I encourage you to go home and play with the software so that you remember what you learned.  I forgot again to take pictures, but Steve took one yesterday.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sew Special Studio Seminar

I have to give a big I'm sorry....You ladies kept me so busy that I totally forgot to take any pictures :).  You  thoroughly picked my brain dry!  I hope you all left having found out something you didn't know about the software that you really wanted to know.  It was a very enjoyable 2 days.  You all were a lot of fun.  I am so sorry about the pictures.  Just call it an early "Senior" moment on my part.
Remember to send me an email after Thanksgiving about the instructions you wanted.  Otherwise, that will totally leave my mind as well.

I am sitting in the hotel in Bartlett, TN, trying to catch up.  This is the last post for the night.  Be sure to PLAY with your software and create something you want!

Sew Unique Sewing Center Event

Raleigh, NC. is a beautiful place to visit in the fall.  I really enjoyed my time there with all of you and hope you found the seminar informative.  It would have been better had I not caught the crud on my way there, I do hope none of you were infected by me.  Be sure to practice what you learned! 
Below are the pictures from the event.


Benton Sewing Day 3

I apologize for the tardiness of this post as well as the next few to follow.  When I left Benton on Thursday, I came down with an illness and haven't really caught up with posting since then.
Day 3 at Benton was a lot of fun.  I hope you all left feeling your time was well spent.  We learned about the digitizing tools in Design Center and Layout and Editing.
Below are pictures from day 3.

Enjoy and Create something for yourself or someone you love today!