Monday, May 28, 2012

The Knowing in Sewing May 2012

The May Newsletter was sent out tonight.  If you did not receive it please check your Junk mail folder or your Spam folder.  If you need it to be forwarded to you, contact me at



Happy Memorial Day to you all. 

I have bee very tardy in my posts this month.  I spent a wonderful week in Louisiana teaching in Lafayette and in Baton Rouge.  The weather was wonderful!  I appreciate how attentive each group was!  Lafayette was a bit of a tight squeeze for you all, but you hung in there like real troupers.  Since I haven't heard from any of you, I hope all is going well with your software adventure.  Unfortunately, my pictures did not turn out well!

I have been talking with John and Debbie at the Baton Rouge store about the Advanced Techniques in Appliqué Class.  We may be able to schedule it in early December.  Stay tuned!

Create something for yourself this week!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi Jo,

In answer to your question about a Redwork font, there is not currently a Redwork font built into PE-DESIGN.  I will pass on your request to the engineers who write the software.  Who knows, we may get one in the future.  We can always hope.

You can have lettering without a fill with a Redwork outline, but I don't think that is the style of lettering you want.  However, just in case here you go.

Any of the built in or TTfonts can have the fill stitch turned off and the outline turned on with a triple stitch as the outline style.  In the Sewing Attributes window, you would change the Run Pitch (stitch length) to 3.0mm.  You would have a Redwork style outline. 


Friday, May 18, 2012

The easiest way to create bold lettering is to add Pull compensation.  Pull compensation is found on the Sewing Attributes tab of the Integrated Sewing Attributes window.  The default location is on the right side of the design window.  At the bottom of the Sewing Attributes, click To Expert Mode.  If you are already in Expert Mode, you will see To Beginner Mode at the bottom of the window.  Pull compensation is toward the bottom.  This is best increase in millimeters, not inches as you can increase in smaller increments.

If you are using a TTfont, on the Text attributes tab at the top of the window, under the font pull down menu, there is a tiny arrow.  If you click on the Tiny arrow, the options for that font appear.  If a bold option is available for that TTfont, it will appear in this location.  Choose bold and then click OK.  This option only works for TTfonts with bold as a selection.