Thursday, April 25, 2013

Font Creator Program

I have had a couple of requests lately to put up a video for the Font Creator program.  I will consider this for a future newsletter.  The Videos are not very quick for me to do, I am a bit of a task master with myself and end up recording many times for a small video.  Once I finish the PE-DEISGN PLUS book I am working on, I will try to make time to create a short Font Creator video for the tip of the month.  You will need to be signed up for my newsletter to receive the link.


Font Question

Anonymous asks:
Hello, I can't seem to figure how to digitize some fonts right. Where do I go for help? I have a font and the box around the font is bigger so how do I get the box to fit right around the font besides making it an outlined object because once I do that I get the font right but my satin stitch isn't nice?


The fonts parameters (the boxes around the outside edge) are determined by all the characters in the font.  So many times the black boxes will not be right along the outside edge of the font.  This occurs most often with True Type Fonts.  You can convert the Lettering to Blocks.  It allows you to edit each individual letter without loosing the nice satin stitch.  You can then view the black selection boxes in the correct location.  However, your text is no longer text it will have been changed to blocks of stitches.  These can be edited with the Select Point tool.

For the complete lesson on Converting Lettering to Blocks, view pages 262-271 of my Digitizing's Sew Easy Next workbook. 


Monday, April 8, 2013

The Knowing in Sewing March 2013

The Knowing in Sewing has been emailed.  If you did not receive it, send me an email:

Another one will go out later this month :)