Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More seminars scheduled

Great news.  I have added a couple more seminars to the spring/early summer schedule.  However, I didn't have them finalized when the last newsletter went out.

April 20 & 21, Sew Special Studio, Woodbridge, VA - Advanced Techniques in Appliqué .  In this class we will learn the ins and outs of creating complex appliqués with PE-DESIGN NEXT.  If you have wanted to create your own adorable appliqués this is the class to attend.

June 7 &8, Sewing World of Grapevine, Grapevine, TX - Kick Start class.  This is the class to get you started with your software!  We cover the design database, lettering, editing, name drop, the template function and basic digitizing in Design Center and Layout and Editing. 

I have a couple of more dates I am still working on, so stay tuned.
Have a great rest of the week,


  1. Hey Cindy. I am hoping to come to your classes at the end of the month in Maryland. I purchased the bamboo craft tablet 'cause you said I needed it, and I'm sure I do... But I have no clue how to impliment it in digitizing... Will you talk about this in your seminar???

  2. Any plans to be in NC with Advanced Techniques in Appliqué anytime soon?
    I came to your NEXT seminar in Raleigh last year and would love love love to be at this class!


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