Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quattro and PR1000 upgrades

Save up!  You will enjoy the upgrades.  As you know I particularly like Kit 3.  It is somewhat like getting 3 upgrades in one.  A bigger border hoop, some border designs and then the ability to connect large items via the camera connect function.

Rickey J,
Great to hear from you as well.  I am not sure about the Novi show yet, we shall see closer to the time of the event.  I usually save the date for Leabu's, and wait to hear from them.  It was very interesting this past year, I ended up demoing more Machines than software that weekend and selling them.  Usually, I am swamped showing software.  So.... it was a different experience which I really enjoyed. 

Last years show was also much quieter than previous years.  I wondered if it was because of all the home sporting events that weekend.  The Tigers were winning and had a home game, Michigan and Michigan State both played at home and I think the Lions had a home game as well.  I really do enjoy that show (it is one of the few I travel to work) and I love Michigan in the Fall and Summer months!  It is kind of going home for me as my husband and I lived in that area for a few years.

Have a greast day today.  It is absolutely beautiful here today!  The sun is out in full force and the trees and flowers in full bloom.

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