Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pigeon Forge Quilt show

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Now that I have answered emails, I feel the need to share some info with you about PE-DESIGN NEXT, V8, and V7.  While visiting with a customer today, I discovered that many of you do not realize you have a built in cataloging Program in PE-DESIGN.  The part of the program is called the Design Database.  The Design Database allows you to print catalogs of your designs in the different folders on your computer so you have a handy reference when searching for designs. 
When you open the Design Database, you will need to navigate to a folder where you have saved your designs.  This can be on your harddrive, on an external drive, a USB media, etc.  Once you have located the file folder, click on it and then go to the File pull down menu.  Choose Print Setup.  Choose 1 design per page, 4 per page or 12 per page.  If you have NEXT, you can even print instructional style sheets with more info on it.  Once you have selected the style, click PRINT.  You will have a printed catalog for that file folder.
For more information on the design database, refer to the Design Database section of my workbooks.  This part of the program is often neglected, but it has a lot of functionality including viewing design, writing multiple designs to card (in next to the sewing machine, usb media and via link to the PR 650 & 1000 machine).

I hope you find the information helpful!

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  1. Just wanted to say I really I really enjoyed the last two days of classes. Also, this is my first time commenting on a blog but I wanted to show you that someone else is here.


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